Geta Carlson


Tenfold Information Design, 2015
Writer and editor of research findings summarizing scientific studies on energy-saving technologies. Projects, which are commissioned by the U.S. General Services Administration, include reports on:
Cisco Systems, 2005-2014
Senior editor for materials including white papers, data sheets, video scripts, technical references, and sales and marketing collateral, on topics such as:
IOActive, 2012
Editor and rewrite specialist for this global software and hardware security consultancy based in Seattle, London, and Miami.
Adobe Systems (also Macromedia), 2002-2008
Editor for Learning Resources in San Francisco. Projects included:
FIS Global (VICOR), 1997-2002
Writer of reference guides, user guides, and interactive training for this developer of image recognition and financial data processing systems for major banks. Projects included:

Apple Computer
  • Articles for the journal develop. Edited and rewrote articles on a range of topics, from Video Digitizing with QuickTime to Threaded Communications with Futures.
  • Just Add Water, Workplace Edition. Wrote this guide to starting and sustaining user groups in corporate and educational settings. Commissioned by Apple’s User Group Connection.
  • Apple IIGS Programmer’s Workshop series, Apple File Exchange Programmer’s Guide, and Technical Introduction to the Macintosh Family. Edited these early technical reference and concept guides.
  • Delphi 2.0 Developer’s Guide and Delphi Visual Component Library Reference. Edited this technical suite for database application development.
  • Delphi Translation Suite User’s Guide. Researched and wrote this guide explaining a tool that translates Delphi applications into languages other than English.
Digital Equipment Corp
TRI/ADD Publicity Handbook. Wrote this guide explaining how small high-tech companies can target media outlets and develop publicity programs. Commissioned by DEC for its business partners.
Frame Technology
The Frame Developer’s Kit suite: FrameMaker + SGML API Programmer’s Guide, FrameMaker + SGML Developer’s Guide. Edited this series for developers of Frame API clients and plug-ins, just before Frame was acquired by Macromedia.
Hewlett Packard
  • HP Editorial Design System User’s Guide. Edited this guide explaining a system of modular formats, editorial elements, and writing guidelines for HP books.
  • HP 5450A Digitizing Oscilloscope, HP FORTRAN77/HP-UX Programmer’s Guide, and HP VUE Quick Start. Edited these guides for programmers and engineers.
  • New Wave User’s Guide, New Wave Reference Guide, and online Help. Edited the NewWave suite, which won several Society for Technical Communications awards.
  • Educational Planning at HP—Job Modeling and Assessing Training Needs. Wrote this set of guides to teach procedures to corporate trainers and curriculum planners at HP.
WingZ User’s Guide. Edited this guide, which explains how to use an early integrated office product.
  • Ad Targeting User's Guide. Researched and wrote this 100-page guide for users of Inktomi’s ad targeting technology. The audience included site managers, ad sales reps, and data entry clerks.
  • Partner Site Design Guide. Researched and wrote this 30-page guide explaining user interface guidelines for Inktomi’s search site partners. The audience included graphic designers, project and marketing managers, and technical staff who design and implement search sites.
Lab-Aids and SEPUP (Science Education for Public Understanding Program)
Developmental editor for a series of teacher’s guides for a widely adopted middle school science curriculum.
OctiMax StreamSolo User’s Guide. Researched and wrote a 35-page guide explaining how to install and use an application that enhances Internet audio.
Osborne-McGraw Hill and Sybex
Rewrote and edited user guides on Word, Excel, the Unix system, and a range of other applications and programming tools for these two Bay Area computer book publishers.
Peachpit Press, 2003–2004
Project manager and developmental editor for Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Pro and Apple Training Series: GarageBand and Apple Pro Training Series: DVD Studio Pro 3.
Seagate Enterprise Management Software
Introduction to Seagate NerveCenter NT. Adapted an existing tutorial on the Unix version of this network management package.
Programmer’s Guide to Windows. Co-wrote the first and second editions of this critically acclaimed programmer’s guide, which was translated into six languages.
Tandem Computers
Modular Information Structures for Electronic Documentation. Researched and co-wrote this planning report for moving Tandem publications toward a single-source model.
TRW Financial Systems
Pepsi A/R Imaging System User Guides. Wrote this suite of task-oriented books for users of an image-based accounting system.

Style Guides

I use the AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of Style, or in-house style guides as needed. I also develop project‑based, in‑house style reference tools and glossaries — for instance, I have developed print and online style standards for Osborne-McGraw-Hill, Kaiser Permanente, and Consumer’s Union, and have contributed to the HP Editorial Design System and to Abode Learning Resources wikis. If you need copy editing as part of your project, I’ll be meticulous about consistency, accuracy, and readability.