Geta Carlson

Medicine and Healthcare

American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), 2014
Project manager and developmental editor for a new Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Knowledge Center to be hosted on the AAO website. I implemented a cloud-based file system, managed the contributions of 40 physicians, and edited articles on topics ranging from surgical techniques to diagnosing diseases and groups of conditions. The site will support the training of fellows, and provide standards for certification and continuing medical education.
UCSF, 2013
Developmental editor for UCSF’s proposal to establish a new Institute for Precision Medicine. Precision medicine seeks to integrate research on the molecular mechanisms of disease with clinical data on individual patients through a collaborative information commons. I restructured and streamlined UCSF’s ninety-page proposal, pulling together diverse contributions from doctors, researchers, and other UCSF staff.
Carl Zeiss, 2013-2014
Writer of a visually oriented user’s guide for a new Zeiss product, FORUM Glaucoma Workplace. I worked with teams in Munich and California. My work included producing versions of the manual for FDA 510(k) approval and for European regulators.
Kaiser Permanente, 2002-2012
Writer and editor for Kaiser’s Brand Creative group in Southern California, Member and Marketing Communications in Northern California, and other departments. Projects included:
Vermont Oxford Networks, 2003 and 2010
Vermont Oxford Networks is a worldwide quality improvement collaborative for neonatal intensive care. In 2009-2010, I was the project manager and developmental editor for NICQ Improvement in Action, based on VON’s work in hospitals throughout the United States. In 2003, I reworked VON’s database user guide.
California HealthCare Foundation, 2004-2005
Web editor for various CHCF sites, including and tools for enrolling families in California’s publicly funded healthcare programs.

Style for Biomedical and Scientific Publications

I work with the AMA Manual of Style, 10th Edition, and other style guides as needed. I use PubMed and other online tools for citations and fact checking. I am thorough and precise about terminology and reference format. I have experience working with nonnative speakers. I often develop in-house style sheets for specific projects.